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Does a low price equate to poor quality? Does a higher price equate to good quality? Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on your specific needs and the offer. To learn more check: How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Provider Based On The Web Hosting Pyramid of Needs™ and the 7 Tips For Small Businesses to Optimize Their Web Hosting Expenses

We do our best to keep the data we have in our platform accurate and uptodate. Disclaimer: In case of differences between the official provider's website and the information published on our web site, the official provider's website always takes precedence. For DMCA Ignorted Hosting and other services, please read the providers terms/legal documents and communicate with them for details.. Real-time Currency Conversion and CPU benchmarking use third party tools to get the most accurate comparison results. If you notice any outdated/innacurate information published in our system or have any feedback to share, please communicate with us.

We are not a Web Hosting provider. Our Server Comparison Platform is FREE AND EASY TO USE. We want to make Web Hosting providers, their customers and prospects lives easier by providing a structured and effective way to compare the huge number of available server offers. In order to maintain and develop this platform, we do make money from ads and affiliates/partnership (offered by some providers). We do not exclude any Web Hosting provider from our listing. Human and automated checks are performed before adding any Web Hosting provider to our platform.

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